MacSword 2.2.11-1740

Free Bible study software for Macs

MacSword is a free & open-source application for the research and study of the bible on the Mac. View full description


  • Hundreds of texts available in various languages
  • Supports multi-window or tabbed viewing


  • Installation is a bit tricky
  • Not as many texts as with commercial software
  • Requires downloading of texts from external website


MacSword is a free & open-source application for the research and study of the bible on the Mac.

With MacSword, you can read and browse many different bible translations in different languages including, Hebrew, Albanian and Swedish. MacSword allows you to read devotionals, commentaries, dictionaries and lexicons and more covering over 200 texts. Setting up MacSword is a little tricky however. You'll need to have some modules (or texts) installed because you won't have anything to read otherwise. You can download modules from the Sword Project website making sure that you download the Mac versions.

Once you've done that, places them your "~/Library/Application Support/Sword/" folder for which you'll need to create a directory named "Sword". There are a few preferences available including several to change the look and appearance of MacSword. Since you'll probably be having many different texts open at once, the useful thing is that you can choose between using a multi window approach or a workspace window with tabs.

Although MacSword can't offer you the range of bible texts you would find in commercial software, it's excellent for those on a budget.


  • Bug fix: Verse headings
  • Improvement: Background indexer has been re-integrated but needs to be enabled manually. Check our wiki.
  • New feature: .swd files can now be opened in MacSword2. They can now only be opened or copied into the module database.


MacSword 2.2.11-1740

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    by 주영 유

    Please let us know the update plan..
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